WHOOP Presents the All-New 4.0

WHOOP’s most advanced technology has officially arrived. The all-new WHOOP 4.0 monitors your recovery, sleep, training, and health, delivering personalized recommendations and coaching feedback. And it also happens to be 33% smaller than the WHOOP 3.0, comes with a waterproof battery, now measures skin temperature and blood oxygen, and uses a haptic alarm to wake you up with gentle vibrations. It is the most sophisticated WHOOP yet – and CEO Will Ahmed and Co-founder and CTO John Capidolupo share what it took to launch this game changing technology. To get started with WHOOP, head to www.whoop.com.

Whoop - How to Use Sleep Coach

Want to wake up and feel your best? Meet Sleep Coach, now with new haptic wake features, exclusively with 4.0. Sleep Coach recommends bed and wake times based on your daily effort and performance. Follow those recommendations to decide when to call it a night, or when to rise, or use the all-new alarm feature. Set an alarm to wake at an exact time and Sleep Coach will send gentle vibrations to your 4.0 to wake you without waking anyone else. Set an alarm to optimize your sleep health and reach your sleep goal -- Sleep Coach will let you rest til your goal is met. Whether you’re looking to peak, perform or get by, you can always set a latest wake time to avoid oversleeping. Set an alarm to wake up once you’re in the green to optimize your recovery. Once your baseline resting heart rate and HRV indicate you’re fully recovered, Sleep Coach will vibrate to wake you up. Here’s to a good night’s sleep and waking up in the green! For more information, visit https://support.whoop.com.

Ironman Champion Lionel Sanders | Know Yourself

4x Ironman Champion and 30x 70.3 Ironman Champion Lionel Sanders is known for keeping to a grueling training schedule. He pushes himself to the limit and then some, as evidenced by his smashing the Ironman world record during a victory in Arizona with a time of 7:44:29. After many years of competition, Lionel recognizes the brute force and aggressive training schedules can only do so much – and now, he’s prioritizing recovery and sleep. WHOOP matches his data-driven approach, and he uses WHOOP to better understand the impact training takes on his body.

CrossFit Athlete Noah Olsen | Know Yourself

Elite CrossFit Athlete Noah Ohlsen knows that, when you’re competing against the world’s best, every edge matters. That’s why he uses WHOOP. He relies on the accuracy of the data to help him optimize his daily training and recovery, and uses the app to see, at a glance, whether he’s in the red, yellow, or green when it comes to his recovery. It’s helped him adopt better habits and prioritize his recovery, which is so important as he continues on his quest to become the Fittest Man on Earth.

Whoop - How to Use Health Monitor

Introducing Health Monitor – the newest way to understand your key vital signs. Get a pulse on your respiratory rate, blood oxygen, resting heart rate, heart rate variability, and skin temperature, all within the app. These metrics can be indicators of stress, dehydration, changes to your menstrual cycle, overtraining, or even illness. Here’s how it works. After 7 days, WHOOP understands what’s normal for you and establishes your baseline. Those baselines help show you when you’re getting healthier, or when you’re out of your normal range, a sign something might be changing with your health. You can easily share your 30 and 180-day health records with your coach, trainer, or physician with a few quick taps. Head over to your app to see all your data at a glance. Blood oxygen and skin temperature monitoring are only available with the all-new WHOOP 4.0. For more information, visit https://support.whoop.com.

Introducing WHOOP 4.0 - The Personalized Digital Fitness and Health Coach

Wearable technology meets the most advanced personalized fitness coaching with the all-new WHOOP 4.0. Designed with haptic feedback that wakes you at optimal sleep with light vibration, flexibility so you can free your wrist and wear it with WHOOP Body sensor-enhanced technical garments, and Health Monitor that tracks improvements and deviations in baseline biometrics. Get the WHOOP 4.0 free with membership. Unlock access to our app for daily personalized insights and true 24/7 monitoring for less than $1/day. Join today: https://www.whoop.com/