Friday's Swim Report - Fill The Fin

Lane 1 - The Telegraph has "James Magnussen is lean, mean and ready to fire.  JAMES Magnussen was destined to be another prodigiously talented teenager lost to swimming.  009467-james-magnussen A supremely gifted sprinter who quit the sport to lead a "normal" life. Now, just 18 months after embarking upon his comeback, the "Missile" is giving out lessons of his own as the 100m freestyle world champion."

Lane 2 - Triblocal posts "Coho Masters Medal at U.S. Masters Nationals.  Coho Masters were very well represented by Andrea "AJ" Block, Jane del Greco and Kathy Froehlich, at the Summer Long Course U.S. Masters Swimming Nationals held in Auburn, Alabama at the Auburn University pool August 3-6. Swimming as part of the 14 member Illinois Masters team, Illinois Masters finished 3rd of the regional teams out of seventeen teams."

Lane 3 - Sun Sentinel reports "Fort Lauderdale takes new look at how to redevelop Swimming Hall of Fame complex.  Just what should be included in a redeveloped aquatic center on the beach — pools for national meets, artificial surf machines for tourists, a concert stage, a children's splash area?  The city is taking a step back in its quest to rebuild the deteriorating International Swimming Hall of Fame complex.  Officials are reconsidering what amenities to include and how best to restore the place as a destination for national competitions as well as local recreational swimmers. It's the type of in-depth review that some civic activists have demanded for more than a year."

Gisele Lane 4 - Mail Online drudges up "Swimming in memories: Gisele takes son Benjamin for a paddle in the sea as she returns to wedding destination Costa Rica."

Lane 5 - From CNN comes "Athlete swimming to greatness after paralysis. Hope was stirring for Mallory Weggemann just 11 weeks after she lost movement below the waist.  Weggemann, who didn't even try to make a college swim team when she could walk, was at a Minnesota pool with a club coach she'd just met. The teen wanted to know if she could return to the sport she knew as a girl -- only now with absolutely no kick."

Lane 6 - LA Jolla Lights posts "‘Fill the Fin’ campaign raising funds for swimming lessons.  Lifeguards, City Council President Tony Young and Councilwoman Sherri Lightner gathered at La Jolla Cove on Aug. 11 to kick off the “Fill the Fin” campaign, a fundraiser to provide swim lessons for inner city youth."

Lane 7 - WMBF reports "Consider This: Swimming sports tourism.  We recently complimented area leaders for their efforts to focus on sports tourism; however, there is one area where we come up short in the sports tourism world: Swimming.  Consider This: You would think a beach destination would be the perfect spot to host these meets, but the size of area facilities will not support a major event.  Myrtle Beach leaders say they won't invest in an Olympic caliber facility because the ongoing operational costs are too expensive. That seems short sighted considering the visibility and tourism revenue the region would receive by hosting a qualifying meet.  You need look no further than the unprecedented publicity created by Michael Phelps in the 2008 Summer Olympics for proof that swimming is big business."

Lane 8 - posts "Update: Man bitten by shark while swimming offshore."




Wednesday's Swim Report - It's More Then Following A Black Line

Lane 1 - Pink Is The New Blog has "Chris Hemsworth Gets Wetsuited Up.  Chris Hemsworth, the hunky Aussie actor who portrays Thor the God of Thunder in the superhero film of the same name, ventured out to Long Beach, CA this weekend to take in some sun and surf … which turned out to be a blessing to anyone with eyes. Hemsworth decked himself out in a rubber wetsuit, which he half-peeled off his massive body … which you can enjoy seeing below."

Lane 2 - From Deadspin "Man Gets Flipper On His Stump."  Get your mind out of the Dolphin_01 gutter!

Lane 3 - I'm so going to try this out!  From Swimming Science "Cheap Swimming Tip: Wiffle Ball Swimming…Watch any elite swimmer and their hands slices the water accelerating effortlessly through the various phases. Swimmers as accomplished as National qualifiers can have "sloppy" hands.  This means as the swimmer glides forward in freestyle, but their hand deviates from a streamlined reach…Having the athlete swim wiffle balls in each hand (holes away from the palm) is one cheap swimming tip to try to correct this habit.  The wiffle ball increases water resistance and adds resistance in the water, this forces an increase in shoulder stability and will increase feedback to the swimmer of slow of stopped points in their stroke."  It sounds crazy enough to work!

Lane 4 - AZ Central reports "6/14: Arizona swim schools attempt world's largest lesson.  On Tuesday morning, June 14, about 18 swim facilities from Arizona will be involved in an international effort to set the Guinness World Record for the world's-largest-swimming lesson, and to create awareness about drowning prevention."

Lane 5 - The Mercury News reports "Walnut Creek moves ahead with ambitious swimming pool plans.  Plans to essentially rebuild the Clarke and Larkey swim centers were approved Monday by the Walnut Creek City Council in a joint session with the city's Park Recreation and Open Space Commission. The upgrades suggested Clarke include a 50-meter-by-25-yard all-deep pool, a 35-meter pool with movable bulkhead, a six-lane instructional pool, a new family recreational pool and a modernized and expanded bathhouse. The Larkey pool would be renovated and get a sprayground."

Lane 6 - Boo!  Hiss!  The Sun Sentinel reports "Fort Lauderdale won't buy temporary seating for Swimming Hall of Fame.  Decision could lead to departure of YMCA championships.  The city will not buy temporary bleachers for the International Swimming Hall of Fame in hopes of saving the YMCA's annual national swimming championships.  City commissioners on Wednesday rejected spending $710,000 to demolish the current unusable grandstands and buy replacements that could be used until a major redevelopment of the hall of fame is completed. The YMCA has said it will not return without a major repair of the aquatic complex and must decide where to hold its 2012 championships this month."

Lane 7 - From "Yannick Lebherz wins Men’s 200m back-stroke final – 2011 German World Championships Selection Trial.  Yannick Lebherz conquered the Men’s 200m back-stroke on fifth day of the 2011 German World Championships Selection Trial."

Lane 8 - From Swim At Your Own Risk "The Shark Whisperer."



Sunday's Swim Report - Proud Not To Be Ranked Among "The Top 50 Swimming Blogs"

Happy Sunday!  I wanted to kick this week off by announcing that I'm NOT among "The Top 50 Swimming Blogs" according to some spam/ scam / link-baiting website!  Now onto today's swim report.  Anyways...

1.  With that said, The Rusted Medal Mel Blog posts "GOLD MEDAL MEL ranked FIRST Among 'The Top 50 Swimming Blogs'".

Cvmm22jan113 2.  It's the time of year for me to say "maybe next year."  For Rob of RobAquatics it's a whole other story in "2011 USMS One Hour with CVMM."  Rob completed his second USMS One Hour Swim this year beating his previous One Hour Swim by 100 yards for a damn ass incredible 4180 yards!  Way To Go Rob!

3.  The Screaming Viking Swim Blog really knows how to do a lap swim!  In his post "Lap Swimming at the Y is a lot more fun than it should be…" he tells us all how to effectively swim a lap swim.  If effectively you like to have a good time and not really swim much!  It's also the funniest blog post in relation to swimming that I've ever read!  He's so getting all my votes in the Swimming Blog Readers Choice Award thingy!

FIXED LINK 4.  In The Awe, Isn't That Cute…Over at My Husband…Just Your Average, Everyday, PC175003 Olympian Blog "Another year, another meet (and many more to come)."  This is another one of my favorite blogs to read as it's a different take on the swimming life.

5.  I didn't mean this to be one of my favorite blog post after another but while I'm on at The Swimmers Circle has a great preview of Libby Tickett's return in "With Boost from Coach, Trickett Might Sneak into 2011 Worlds After all."

6.  Back to shamelessly spotlighting The Swimsense in hopes one magically gets delivered to my front steps, The FINIS Blog looks at it in "Swimsense – A Triathletes New Best Friend".  Really, I could use a new best friend!

7. looks at Nic Fink who maybe a future Olympic swimming star in "Bridgewater student to try out for U.S. Olympic swim team."

8.  BBC reports "Mischief the horse rescued from Hampshire swimming pool."  In _50916371_horserescue034 related news Craig Lord calls for a ban on high tech horseshoes in FINA Swimming.

9.  This morning while swimming we had a talk about tech suits since I wore one to keep warm in our 32F weather so thought it was odd that I read on the USMS Forum another great opportunity to wear Tech Suits, "Dust off your tech suit for the Second Annual Republic of Texas World Short Course Championship - including the Sprint and Super Sprint Pentathlons."

10.  In your Sunday Celebrity Gossip News, "Gwen Stefani was spotted taking her 2-year-old son Zuma to the Los Angeles Swimming Stadium on Saturday."  via celebritybabyscoop.  I think they meant to say the John C. Argue Swim Stadium but whatever.  As seen in this cool clip from CSI: Miami.  In somewhat related video from CSI: NY, Mac goes swimming at the LAAC in downtown.  Another one of my favorite pools in LA.  I have fond memories of swimming in that pool when I first started to swim before I joined a masters team.

Women's Health - Jillian Michaels

I love The Biggest Loser.  I watch the show, follow all the gossip blogs about the show and play the video game on Wii. I even attended The Biggest Loser Boot Camp Class at my local 24 Hour Fitness.  So of course when I see Jillian Michaels on the cover of Women's Health I buy a copy.  Now I'm not going to spoil anything so go and buy the magazine but till then enjoy this behind the scenes of the photo shoot...